Comainmnigud nóem nÉrenn

  • Early Irish
  • prose, list
  • Irish hagiography

Early Irish tract containing lists of Irish saints of the same name. Most copies of the text are followed by a similar tract focusing on female Irish ‘holy virgins’ (Comanmand nóebúag hÉrenn).

ff. 47[56]ra–49[58]
“this is nearer to [RIA MS 23 P 12] than to [LL] and may be copied from it” (Plummer)
pp. 160–164
Copied from London, British Library, MS Additional 30512 (Plummer).
f. 225a
A copy that was almost immediately abandoned: “Michael O'Clery began to copy this tract, Brussels, Bibl. Roy. 5100-4, f. 225a, but after writing only two names he breaks off with an etc., ' oir atad i nionadh ele,' i.e. because they occur elsewhere.” (Plummer)
  • Early Irish
prose, list (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Comanmand nóebúag hÉrennComanmand nóebúag hÉrennEarly Irish tract containing lists of female Irish saints (nóebúag ‘holy virgins’) of the same name. In the manuscripts, the text immediately follows that of a similar tract known as Comainmnigud nóem nÉrenn.
Associated items
Cotlud cen chrinad collaCotlud cen chrinad collaShort Irish poem (2qq) on the saint Mo Chóe of Óendruim/Nóendruim (modern Nendrum, Co. Down).


Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography

Irish hagiographyIrish hagiography


saints of IrelandIreland and Irish history, Irish people, saints
saints of Ireland
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saints of IrelandIreland and Irish history, Irish people, saints
saints of Ireland
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[ed.] Brosnan, Denis T., “Comainmnigud noem Herend so sis”, Archivium Hibernicum 1 (1912): 314–365.

Secondary sources (select)

Plummer, Charles, “A tentative catalogue of Irish hagiography”, in: Charles Plummer, Miscellanea hagiographica Hibernica: vitae adhuc ineditae sanctorum Mac Creiche, Naile, Cranat, 15, Brussels: Société des Bollandistes, 1925. 171–285.
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