Cétbriathra Bic meic Dé
verse beg. Ailech cen gíall, Temair hi tráig

  • verse
  • Early Irish poetry
An Irish poem about the downfall of Ireland. The prose introduction explains it as a poem about the end of the world, representing the first words uttered by the prophet Becc mac Dé after his birth.
First words (verse)
  • Ailech cen gíall, Temair hi tráig
Ascribed to: Becc mac DéBecc mac Dé
(d. 550s)
legendary seer, best known from literary sources as an Irish prophet associated with Díarmait mac Cerbaill
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“Der Text muss aus der Zeit stammen, wo das Hochkönigtum bei den Mac Néill in Ailech war, da dieser Ort vorangestellt wird” (Thurneysen)
verse (primary)
prose (secondary)

Verse, with prose introduction.

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Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry


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421–422 [id. 1. ‘Bec mac Dé’] Edition based on Leabhar Breac and Brussels MS 5100-5104
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