Bretha sén formae ‘Judgments on nets for bird-snaring’

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An Old Irish law tract which is thought to have belonged to the third part of the Senchas Már. The full text is lost, but parts of it are known from a marginal fragment and a few citations in O’Davoren’s glossary.

p. 650 marg. sup.
rubric: ‘i sen forma’
Fragment added in the margin = CIH 2108.24-29.
Items nos. 796 (probable) [éccell], 932 [fuirmed], 1479 [sén]-1480 [seig], as numbered in Stokes' edition.
  • Old Irish
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CIH vol. 6

Bretha sen forma : Mas ar ferann na righ roinnleth é gin fiarfaigid, let feola ⁊ clum uili Ma rofiarfaig, .iiii. f.q ⁊ let clume Trian .f.q ⁊ da trian cluime, ge fiarfaig gingu .f.r, ar ferann na ngrad flatha Mas ar ferann na heclaisi .r.s gin athcomarc, .xl. aidchi penne ⁊ da trian .f.q ⁊ clum uile Mas iarna fiarfaigid, trian .f.q ⁊ da trian cluime Mas ar ferann na ngradh fene .r.s gin fiarfaigid [vel] cu fiarfaigid, cuicedh .f.q ⁊ da .u.eth cluime in marg. sup. across both columns i.e. feola i.e. fiarfaig i.e. roinnled
Corpus iuris Hibernici vol. 6 (selections) • CIH vol. 6.
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Citations in O'Davoren's glossary:

Éccell .i. aicmeil ut est án cachan gach E, án gach F. tigradh forrethar airndil nach suidhigthi anmann i n-eicillgach F. .i. nocho suidigthi do neoch sin in baile is aigbeil dona hanmainduib.Fuirmedh .i. indellsic F, indeall E. no cur, ut est sén fuirmither dichmaircsén fuirmither dimairc E, Sén foruirmither dichmairc F. .i. lin indlither cin fhiarfaigifiarfaidi E, fiarfaighid F.Sén .i. lion i ngabur eoin, ut est breth sén forma, ⁊ deismirechtdeismeiracht E. air Sen in geill garmaim glenait gell Erenngeall eirann E, gell erann F. fo triath tennaitthendaid E, tennait F.. Seig .i. sebocsic F, seabag E., ut est atát tri heoin cip airm i foghbatar ní aile fer tire cuit inntu : mindta, corr, seigséig corr E, F. .i. sebocsebág E. .i. foxla orcu ⁊ cerca.
O'Davoren's glossary. Edition by Wh. Stokes •


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[dipl. ed.] Binchy, D. A. [ed.], Corpus iuris Hibernici, 7 vols, vol. 6, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1978.  
comments: numbered pp. 1926–2343; diplomatic edition of legal material from:
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2108.24 ff Fragment from TCD 1336.
[ed.] [tr.] Stokes, Whitley, “O’Davoren’s glossary”, Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 2 (1904): 197–504.
Internet Archive: <link>
328, 355, 460 Citations from O'Davoren's glossary.

Secondary sources (select)

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