verse beg. Beir mo bachaill lat im láim

  • Early Irish
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Early Irish poem which occurs in the prose preface to the Amra Choluim Chille and related textual contexts. It is a dialogue poem between Colum Cille and Scandlán Mór, apparently in continuation of the previous dialogue poem (beg. Slécht sís, a Scandláin, dom réir), in which Scandlán has promised to deliver tribute at Durrow. In the present poem, Colum Cille offers him his crozier (bachall) as a means of protection against trouble on the road to Durrow, specifically any trouble he might encounter from Domnall mac Áeda.

First words (verse)
  • Beir mo bachaill lat im láim
  • Early Irish
verse (primary)
Textual relationships
Related: Slécht sís a Scandláin dom réirSlécht sís a Scandláin dom réirEarly Irish dialogue poem betwen Colum Cille and Scandlán Mor, in which the latter promises him tribute from the Osraige and receives a blessing from the saint. Specifically, Scandlán and the Osraige are asked to pay tribute at Durrow every third year until Judgment Day.




Colum CilleColum Cille
(fl. 6th century)
founder and abbot of Iona, Kells (Cenandas) and Derry (Daire).
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Scandlán MórScandlán Mór
(d. 643 x 646)
King of Osraige, son of Colmán son of Bicne Cáech. He is best known in relation to the Synod of Druim Cett, at which time his father was king of Osraige and Scandlán, apparently a youth, was held hostage by Áed mac Ainmirech, overking from the Cenél Conaill branch of the Uí Néill. According to Adomnán, Colum Cille conferred a blessing on him and Scandlán would later take up the kingship of Osraige. He is sometimes given as a son of Cend Fáelad. Charles-Edwards suggests that a pedidgree may have been the source of confusion (Rawl. B 502: Cend Fáelad m. Colmain cuius filius Scandlain).
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Laisrén mac FeradaigLaisrén mac Feradaig
(d. 605)
Lasrén mac Feradaig, Laisrán mac Feradaig, Laisrén of Iona
Third abbot of Iona, in succession to Baíthéne; previously prior of Dairmag (Durrow, Co. Offaly) and one of Colum Cille’s companions in Scotland.
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Domnall mac Áeda meic AinmirechDomnall mac Áeda meic Ainmirech
Entry reserved for but not yet available from the subject index.

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Dairmag/Dermag ... Durrow
County Offaly
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Primary sources

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