Imchlód aingel
verse beg. Aingeal Dé dom dhín

  • Irish
  • verse

Irish poem of prayer for protection (30 qq). According to the editor, O’Nowlan, qq. 1–19 represent the original extent of the poem, ending as it does with a dúnad, while the remainder (beg. Dá apstol déc Dé) is an invocation that was added to the text.

Imchlód aingel

The title Imchlód aingel occurs uniquely in the Leabhar Breac copy. That in Laud Misc. 615 is headed Mainner na naomh o Colum Cille.

First words (verse)
  • Aingeal Dé dom dhín
p. 262b.9–m
rubric: ‘Imchlod aingel incipit’
beg. ‘Aingil Dé dom dín’
30 qq.
pp. 5.9–26.inf
rubric: ‘Mainner na naomh o Colum Cille’
beg. ‘Aingeal De dom dín’
30 qq.
f. iii
beg. ‘Aingeal De dom dhin’
30 qq, written on a flyleaf.
pp. 271–273
rubric: ‘Sgiath-luireach Coluim Cile’
beg. ‘Aingeal Dé dom dhión’
34 stt (Abbott).
Dublin, School of Celtic Studies Library, Dunnington MS 2
pp. 224b–227
rubric: ‘Sgiath-lúithreach Choluim Cille’
beg. ‘Aingeal Dé dom dhíon’
Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 429
p. 61
rubric: ‘Sgiathluirthioch Cholum Chille annso síos’
beg. ‘Aingil De dom dhíonn’
c.34 stt. (Ní Shéaghdha).

Paper copies with an additional quatrain after q. 20 :

Maynooth, Russell Library, MS M 70
p. 94
Maynooth, Russell Library, MS M 39
p. 212
Maynooth, Russell Library, O'Renehan MS 96
p. 234
“A copy in the O'Curry MSS” (O'Nowlan). Contains an additional quarain after q. 16.
  • Irish
verse (primary)
  • leth-rannaigecht mór, or dechnad mbec (5¹+5¹+5¹+5¹)
Number of stanzas: 30 qq.
Textual relationships
Related: Gabriel lim i nDomhnaighibhGabriel lim i nDomhnaighibh

An early Irish metrical prayer (8 st.) seeking the protection and support of the archangels, one for each day of the week.



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[ed.] OʼNowlan, Thomas P., “Imchlód aingel”, in: Osborn Bergin, and Carl Marstrander (eds), Miscellany presented to Kuno Meyer, Halle: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1912. 253–257, 487.
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Text based on the version in LB, with variants from other MSS in the footnotes.
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