verse beg. Ailbe umal Pátric Muman mó cach ráth

  • Early Irish
  • verse
  • Early Irish poetry
A specimen of early Irish verse cited in the Latin Life of St Declán of Ardmore (Vita sancti Declani § 21) and the later, vernacular version of the same saint (Betha Decclain).
First words (verse)
  • Ailbe umal Pátric Muman mó cach ráth
  • Early Irish
  • ‘Old Irish’ (Thes. pal.)
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 1


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry



Déclán of ArdmoreDéclán of Ardmore
Declán of Ardmore, Déclán mac Eircc
Déclán mac Eircc (late 5th century), patron saint of Ard Mór (Ardmore, Co. Waterford)
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Ailbe of EmlyAilbe of Emly
(supp. fl. 5th/early 6th century)
Patron saint of Imlech Ibair (Emly, Co. South Tipperary), remembered as one of the pre-Patrician saints of Munster.
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Déisi MumanDéisi Muman
No short description available
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Saint PatrickSaint Patrick
(fl. 5th century)
St Patrick
No short description available
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428 (caput xvii) Text and Latin translation.
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