Aided na trí nÁed
verse beg. Is eól dam-sa acht mo chel

  • Middle Irish
  • verse
Short early Irish poem, with prose introduction, on the deaths of three Áeds (Áed Rón, Áed Sláine and Áed Buide, king of the Uí Maine).
First words (verse)
  • Is eól dam-sa acht mo chel
  • Middle Irish
  • ?
verse (primary)
prose (secondary)
Number of stanzas
Textual relationships
Related: Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill (Recension I)Aided Díarmata meic Cerbaill (Recension I)A composite Middle Irish tale about the reign and (threefold) death of Díarmait mac Cerbaill, king of Ireland. A common theme is the king’s violation of ecclesiastical sanctuary or protection.


Áed GustanÁed Gustan
No short description available
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Áed Sláine mac DiarmataÁed Sláine mac Díarmata
(d. 604)
joint high-king of Ireland, eponymous ancestor of Síl nÁedo Sláine; said to be a son of Díarmait mac Cerbaill and Mugain.
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Áed BuideÁed Buide
Entry reserved for but not yet available from the subject index.

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[ed.] Meyer, Kuno [ed.], “Aided na trí nAed”, in: Osborn Bergin, R. I. Best, Kuno Meyer, and J. G. OʼKeeffe (eds), Anecdota from Irish manuscripts, vol. 3, Halle and Dublin, 1910. 47–48.
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Edited from Harleian MS 5280, with variants from RIA MS D iv 2.
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