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The present classification is only rudimentary. It will ultimately be replaced by a new system with greater care for data concerning each manuscript’s date, origin and provenance.

Pocket gospel book produced around the tenth century, probably in Scotland; well known for containing additions in Scottish Gaelic (or Middle Irish).

  • s. x1

Manuscript leaves written by the Scottish Gaelic poet Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh, containing a number of poems

  • 1636
  • Cathal Mac Muireadhaigh
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1337
Not yet published.
  • s. xvii/xviii ?
Not yet published.
  • s. vii–xiii
Edinburgh, National Library of Scotland, Adv. MS 72.1.2

Three leaves containing the text known as Ranna an aeir.

  • s. xvi

NLS Adv. MS 72.1.8 consists of two sections which were originally separate manuscripts. Both contain vernacular adaptations of classical material: the first section, counting 26 leaves, contians Togail na Tebe; the second (10 leaves) contains parts of the Troy tale.

  • s. xiv-xv

A lost manuscript known to have contained a collection of Irish tales. Something about its contents is known because Dr. Donald Smith gave an account that was first published in 1805 and because Ewen M'Lachlan made transcripts in 1812 and 1814.

  • s. xv/xvi?
  • Fithil mac Flaithrig mic Aodha