Williams (Moses)

  • 1685–1742
  • clergy, scholars, antiquarians
Welsh scholar, antiquarian and clergyman.
Wotton, William, Cyfreithjeu Hywel Dda ac eraill: seu leges Wallicae ecclesiasticae & civiles Hoeli Boni et aliorum Walliae principum quas ex variis codicibus manuscriptis eruit, interpretatione latina, notis & glossario, ed. Moses Williams, London: G. Bowyer, 1730.
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Williams, Moses, Repertorium poeticum, sive poematum Wallicorum, London: W. Roberts, 1726.

See also: Edward LhuydLhuyd (Edward)
(d. 1709)
Llwyd (Edward)
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William WottonWotton (William)
English cleric and scholar, known for having produced a text and Latin translation of the Cyfraith Hywel (published, posthumously, in 1730).
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