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Adam UskAdam Usk
(c. 1350–1430)
Usk (Adam), Adam of Usk
Chronicler and canonist born in Usk (W. Brynbuga), Monmouthshire, and educated at Oxford.
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Edward AnwylAnwyl (Edward)
(5 August 1866–8 August 1914)
Sir Edward Anwyl, Welsh scholar specialised in Welsh and Celtic studies. Older brother of J. Bodvan Anwyl.
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Daines BarringtonBarrington (Daines)
(d. 1800)
English lawyer, antiquary and naturalist.
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Peter C. BartrumBartrum (Peter C.)
(d. 2008)
Scholar of medieval Welsh genealogy.
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Bleddyn DduBleddyn Ddu
(fl. c.1200)
No short description available
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(supp. fl. 5th/6th century)
Breock, Brieg, Brieuc, Briocus, Briomaglus
Brittonic saint.
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Brychan BrycheiniogBrychan Brycheiniog
(fl. c.500)
king of Brycheiniog, described as a son of a certain Irish king named Anlach son of Coronac and Marchell, daughter of Tewdrig, king of Garthmadryn (later Brycheiniog).
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Cadwgan [bishop of Bangor]Cadwgan ... bishop of Bangor
(d. 1241)
Cadwgan of Llandefai
Bishop of Bangor (1215–1235/6), previously abbot of Whitland.
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Caradog of LlancarfanCaradog of Llancarfan
(d. after 1138)
Caradoc of Llancarfan
Welsh hagiographer
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Catrin ferch Gruffudd ap HywelCatrin ferch Gruffudd ap Hywel
(fl. c. 1555)
Welsh poet from Anglesey, daughter of one Gruffudd ap Hywel.
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Edward Charles [1757-1828]Charles (Edward) ... 1757-1828
Siamas Gwynedd
Welsh author and poet, known also by his pseudonym Siamas Gwynedd.
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G. T. ClarkClark (G. T.)
British engineer and antiquary.
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(supp. fl. 6th century?)
Saint associated with Merthyr Clydog (modern-day Clodock, Herefordshire), whose legend in the Book of Llandaf tells of his martyrdom and burial and the foundation and history of his church.
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(supp. fl. c.600?)
British saint associated with Llangollen (Denbighshire, Wales) and possibly with Langolen (Finistère, Brittany) and Colan (Cornwall).
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(supp. fl. early 8th century)
Cyngar of Congresbury, Cungar of Congresbury
Patron saint of Congresbury (Cungres-byrig) in Somerset, to which it supposedly gave its name. His origins are obscure. It has been suggested that he was originally a Welsh/British saint, and/or that he was invented to explain the placename and equip Congresbury with an origin story, based perhaps on a version of the Welsh saint. His vita shows certain affinities with 12th-century Welsh Latin hagiography associated with Caradog and the monastery of Llancarfan.
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Cyngar of LlangefniCyngar of Llangefni
(supp. fl. 6th century?)
Patron saint of Llangefni, Anglesey, and Hope (olim Llangyngar), Flintshire; apparently the saint of this name who is described as kinsman of St Cybi in the latter’s Life. He may be related to St Cungar of Congresbury, whose Life attributes to him two unspecified foundations in Glamorgan.
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William CynwalCynwal (William)
(d. 1587)
Wiliam Cynwal, of Ysbyty Ifan (Conwy County Borough, north Wales), Welsh poet and transcriber. Manuscripts include NLW MS 21249B.
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Edward Dafydd [of Margam]Dafydd (Edward) ... of Margam
Welsh bardic poet.
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Dafydd ab EdmwndDafydd ab Edmwnd
(fl. 1450–1490)
Welsh poet.
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Dafydd ap GwilymDafydd ap Gwilym
(fl. c.1330–1350)
No short description available
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Dafydd Bach ap Madog WladaiddDafydd Bach ap Madog Wladaidd
(fl. 1340–1390)
Sypyn Cyfeiliog
Welsh poet
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Dafydd BenwynDafydd Benwyn
(fl. late 16th century)
bard of Glamorgan
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Dafydd Ddu of HiraddugDafydd Ddu of Hiraddug
(d. by 1371)
Dafydd Ddu o Hiraddug, Dafydd Ddu Athro Hiraddug
Welsh poet and editor of a Welsh bardic grammar.
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Dafydd GorlechDafydd Gorlech
(fl. c.1466/70–1490)
Welsh poet whose name Gorlech refers to an association with the parish of Abergorlech in Cantref Mawr in south-west Wales. At least seven prophetic cywyddau are preserved.
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Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap GruffuddDafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
(fl. 15th century)
Dafydd Llwyd o Fathafarn, Dafydd Llwyd of Mathafarn
Welsh poet from Mathafarn, Powys.
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Dafydd Llwyd MathauDafydd Llwyd Mathau
Welsh poet.
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John Humphreys DaviesDavies (John Humphreys)
No short description available
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John Davies [1804-1884]Davies (John) ... 1804-1884
Welsh minister, who was also a translator, scholar and linguist.
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Richard DaviesDavies (Richard)
(d. 1581)
Welsh bishop, first of St Asaph, later of St Davids; a scholar whose achievements included translating parts of the New Testament into Welsh and writing the Epistol at y Cembru.
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John DeeDee (John)
(13 July 1527–1608/1609)
No short description available
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Deio ab Ieuan DuDeio ab Ieuan Du
(fl. 1460–1480)
Deio Du of Penadeiniol
Welsh poet.
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Pol DiverresDiverres (Pol)
Diverrès (Pol)
No short description available
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Charles Edwards [fl. 17th century]Edwards (Charles) ... fl. 17th century
(fl. 17th century)
Welsh Puritan scholar; author of several books
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Jonathan Edwards [d. 1712]Edwards (Jonathan) ... d. 1712
Welsh cleric and theologian; principal of Jesus College (1686-1712).
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Owen Morgan EdwardsEdwards (Owen Morgan)
Welsh historian.
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Robert Ellis [Cynddelw]Ellis (Robert) ... Cynddelw
Cynddelw ... Robert Ellis
No short description available
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Hywel David EmanuelEmanuel (Hywel David)
Welsh scholar of medieval Latin and librarian of the National Library of Wales.
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D. Simon EvansEvans (D. Simon)
Welsh scholar
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J. Gwenogvryn EvansEvans (J. Gwenogvryn)
(d. 1930)
Welsh palaeographer.
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Thomas Christopher EvansEvans (Thomas Christopher)
No short description available
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Thomas Evans [of Hendreforfydd]Evans (Thomas) ... of Hendreforfydd
(fl. 1596–1633)
No short description available
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William Evans [d. 1776]Evans (William) ... d. 1776
(d. 1776)
Welsh Presbyterian scholar, known for A New Welsh–English Dictionary (1771)
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Richard FentonFenton (Richard)
Welsh poet and author of topographical works
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Gruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn FychanGruffudd ab Ieuan ap Llywelyn Fychan
Welsh poet.
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Gruffudd ap Maredudd ap DafyddGruffudd ap Maredudd ap Dafydd
(fl. 1352–1382)
Welsh poet.
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Gruffudd GrygGruffudd Gryg
(fl. second half of the 14th century)
Welsh bardic poet from Anglesey, known for writing cywyddau. Best known are those which engage in debate with Dafydd ap Gwilym, two elegies for this poet and a poem in recollection of his pilgrimage to Santagio de Compostella.
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Elis GruffyddGruffydd (Elis)
Welsh administrator and soldier as well as a chronicler and translator, who is probably known for having compiled an extensive Welsh-language chronicle of world history.
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R. Geraint GruffyddGruffydd (R. Geraint)
Welsh scholar.
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Jaspar GryffythGryffyth (Jaspar)
(d. 1614)
Gryffyth (Jasper), Griffith (Jaspar)
Welsh clergyman and collector of manuscripts.
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Guto'r GlynGuto’r Glyn
(fl. c.1431–c.1490)
Welsh poet who produced a substantial body of praise poetry. His patrons included men such as Sir Richard Gethin of Builth, William Herbert of Raglan, Sir Roger Kynaston of Knockin and Henry Griffith of Newcourt.
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