Molaise of Leighlin and his sister

  • Old Irish, Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Irish religious texts, minor Irish prose tales
Molaise of Leighlin and his sister
No title occurs in the manuscripts. Pokorny headed his edition of the text Molaisse und seine Schwester.
  • Old Irish Middle Irish
  • Old Irish or early Middle Irish: “Für die Zugehörigkeit dieses Textes zur altirischen Periode spricht das infig. Pron. in do-don-farci (§ 5), das Deponens no-m-chobradar (§ 5) und die Endung in cucai (§§ 4, 5). Jüngere Formen sind co-mmaith (§ 2), do (leg. di) léir (§ 5). Wegen des einsilbigen biait (§ 5) wird man den Text veillecht erst in den Anfang des 10. Jahrhunderts setzen dürfen: in jene Zeit dürfte auch schon die narrative Verwendung der ro-Präterita (§ 6) fallen.” (Pokorny).(1)n. 1 Julius Pokorny, ‘Altirische Texte’, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 9 (1913): 239.
Old Irish period or the beginning of the 10th century (Pokorny). See note above.
prose (primary)
verse (secondary)
Contains poems
A cétal fota figlech


Irish religious texts
minor Irish prose tales (foscéla)Irish narrative literature
minor Irish prose tales (foscéla)
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Relatively short prose tales in Irish. In learned discourse from the Middle Irish period and later, a distinction is sometimes made between the longer prím-scél and the shorter fo-scél. See eDIL s.v. ‘foscél’ for some references. In the first two volumes of BILL (1913 and 1942), Best included separate headings for ‘Minor tales’.


Molaise of LeighlinMolaise of Leighlin
(d. c. 639)
Laisrén of Leighlin
early Irish saint, abbot of Lethglenn (Old Leighlin in Co. Carlow)
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Anonymous [sister of Molaise of Leighlin]Anonymous ... sister of Molaise of Leighlin
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(fl. 7th century)
Irish monk and missionary
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Julius Pokorny, ‘Altirische Texte’, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 9 (1913): 239.
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