Ymddiddan Gwyddno Garanhir a Gwyn ap Nudd‘The conversation of Gwyddno Garanhir and Gwyn ap Nudd’
verse beg. Tarw trin anfidin blawt

  • Middle Welsh
  • verse
First words (verse)
  • Tarw trin anfidin blawt
Speaker: Gwyddno GaranhirGwyddno Garanhir
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Gwyn ap NuddGwyn ap Nudd
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  • Middle Welsh
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas
14 englynion » 14 unless Mi a wum (7 stt) should be included in the count.
Textual relationships
Related: Mi a wumMi a wum

Medieval Welsh poem of 7 englynion, each beginning Mi a wum lle llas... (‘I have been where [...] was/were slain’). It is attested in the Black Book of Carmarthen, following Ymddiddan Gwyddno Garanhir a Gwyn ap Nudd (‘The conversation of Gwyddno Garanhir and Gwyn ap Nudd’) without a visual break. It is not entirely clear if the present piece should be regarded as a separate composition or a part of the previous conversation.



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Secondary sources (select)

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