The advice to Doidin

  • Early Irish
  • Early Irish law texts, Medieval Irish wisdom literature
Early Irish tecosc-text in the form of legal advice addressed to one Doidin mac Nin(e).
First words (prose)
  • Mo cosc duit, a Doidhin mic Nine
  • Early Irish
Textual relationships
Related: Bretha nemed dédenachBretha nemed dédenachOld Irish tract on the law concerning poets, such as their privileges and their responsibilities, as well as various other matters, such as fosterage and surety.Din techtugudDin techtugudView incoming data


Early Irish law textsEarly Irish law texts

Medieval Irish wisdom literatureMedieval Irish wisdom literature


Doidin mac Nine
Doidin mac Nine
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[ed.] [tr.] Smith, Roland M., “The advice to Doidin”, Ériu 11 (1932): 66–85.
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