verse beg. Scuchais in fer cerdda ar cáe

  • Early Irish
  • verse

Poem (6qq) on Cairid mac Findcháem, an ancestor of the Conmaicne Cúile Tolad and Síl Caritha, who was blessed by St Patrick. The earliest manuscript version, which is in Rawlinson B 502, adds two additional quatrains, which are, however, metrically distinct from the first 6 qq of the poem.

First words (verse)
  • Scuchais in fer cerdda ar cáe
f. 216r
beg. ‘Scuchais an fer cor an chái’
6qq. Part of the Life of Benén mac Sescnén.
  • Early Irish
verse (primary)
The final two quatrains in the Rawlinson version are in different metrical forms.
  • rannaigecht dialtach (al. rannaigecht mór) (7¹+7¹+7¹+7¹)
Number of stanzas: 6



Cairid [a quo Síl Caritha]Cairid ... a quo Síl Caritha
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Conmaicne, Conmhaicne
Early Irish population group, including branches such as the Conmaicne Dúine Móir (alias C. Ceniúil/Cenéoil Dubáin), Conmaicne Cúile (Tolad) and the Conmaicne Réin.

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Conmaicne Cúile Tolad
Conmaicne Cúile Tolad
or simply, C. Cúile; branch of the Conmaicne

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Síl CarithaSíl Caritha
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Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick
(fl. 5th century)
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