Brigit’s ale-feast
verse beg. Ropadh maith lem / corm-lind mór do Rígh na rígh

  • Middle Irish
  • verse
Middle Irish poem (5 qq) attributed to St Brigit of Kildare.
First words (verse)
  • Ropadh maith lem / corm-lind mór do Rígh na rígh
Ascribed to: Brigit of Kildare
Brigit of Kildare
(c. 439/452–c. 524/526)
patron saint of Kildare, whose cult spread both within and outside of Ireland.

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ff. 22r.21–22v.5
beg. ‘Ropadh maith lem cormlind mor do righ na righ’
  • Middle Irish
  • Dated by Greene to probably the 11th century.
verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 5 qq.



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615–616 (appendix)

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Kenney takes issue with Stokes’s reference (“sneer”) to the representation of God in this poem as a “soma-quaffing Indra” (Félire húi Gorman, xi).

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