verse beg. Marbh anocht mo cholann-sa

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Medieval Irish poem (38 qq), unattributed but apparently uttered by Colum Cille, who laments the disintegration of his familia in Ireland and Scotland.

First words (verse)
  • Marbh anocht mo cholann-sa
Speaker: Colum CilleColum Cille
(fl. 6th century)
founder and abbot of Iona, Kells (Cenandas) and Derry (Daire).
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  • Early Modern Irish

Thomas Clancy has argued that the poem was composed about 1210, in response to the breaking down of the Columban network under the pressure of diocesan changes in Ireland. A specific event that was cause for concern is the foundation of a Benedictine monastery on Iona in 1203, (possibly) by Raghnall mac Somhairlidh, which would help explain why the harsh words in q. 7 are directed at the Clann Somhairlidh. Another is the Norse raid on Iona in c.1210.

verse (primary)
Number of stanzas
38 qq.



Colum CilleColum Cille
(fl. 6th century)
founder and abbot of Iona, Kells (Cenandas) and Derry (Daire).
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Í (Choluim Chille) ... Iona
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242–246 [‘Columba’s legacy: Dead is my body tongiht’]

Secondary sources (select)

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