Mór Muman ⁊ Aided Cuanach meic Ailchine‘Mór of Munster and the violent death of Cuana mac Ailchine’

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  • Cycles of the Kings, Aided
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  • early Middle Irish (prose), Old Irish (poetry).(1)n. 1 Gerard Murphy, Early Irish metrics (1961).
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Related: Scéla Suithcheirne ingine Áeda Bennáin ⁊ Rónáin Dícollai meic Fergusa TuileScéla Suithcheirne ingine Áeda Bennáin ⁊ Rónáin Dícollai meic Fergusa TuileMedieval Irish tale about Suithchern, daughter of Áed Bennáin


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80


Mór MumanMór Muman
(supp. fl. early 6th century)
reputed daughter of Áed Bennán mac Crimthainn, king of Munster from the Éoganachta, and wife of Fíngen mac Áedo Duib. In scholarship about her role in such tales as Aided Chúanach meic Ailchíne, she is often described as a sovereignty goddess.
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Cúanu mac AilchíneCúanu mac Ailchíne
King of the Fir Maige Féne.
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Gerard Murphy, Early Irish metrics (1961).

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Murphy, Gerard, Early Irish metrics, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1961.
Dennis Groenewegen, Nike Stam
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