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Collection: Harley manuscripts
Harley 432
early Irish legal texts
Provenance and related aspects
s. xvi1
Early 16th century.
Origin, provenance
Provenance: Ireland
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Munster/Cúige Mumhan
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Ireland, Munster. The scribal colophon on f. 20v states it was written in Díseart Labhráis, probably in what is now the towland of Inch Saint Lawrence, bar. Clonwilliam, Co. Limerick (see NMAJ 3: 153). According to O'Grady, the use of tabhrach (3rd p. sg, imper.) for tabhradh in the colophon confirms the Munster origin of the MS.

Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Main hand

Written “in double columns ïn a very distinct but quite inornate hand, and in the usual law style, viz the ‘cóip’ (copia) or ‘text’ very large; the ‘comaoin’ (‘gloss’ or ‘commentary’) in a character one third the size” (O'Grady).

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Primary sources This section typically includes references to diplomatic editions, facsimiles and photographic reproductions, notably digital image archives, of at least a major portion of the manuscript. For editions of individual texts, see their separate entries.

[dipl. ed.] Binchy, D. A. [ed.], Corpus iuris Hibernici, 7 vols, vol. 2, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1978.  

Numbered pp. 339–744; diplomatic edition of legal material from: London, British Library, MS Harley 432; Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1316; Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1337.

339–422 Diplomatic edition of legal material on ff. 1a–20d.

Secondary sources (select)

OʼGrady, Standish Hayes, Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the [British Library, formerly the] British Museum, vol. 1, London: British Museum, 1926.
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Description of the contents as given in CIH.
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