Irish version of the Somniale Danielis

  • Middle Irish, Early Modern Irish
  • prose

Irish prose tract on omens and visions of the night, deriving from a version of the Somniale Danielis, a popular medieval Latin handbook for interpreting dreams.

First words (prose)
  • In nech athchife digbail fola san aithchi
  • Middle Irish Early Modern Irish
  • “The nature of the text makes it difficult to assign a date to this Irish version. At most, Flower remarks (p. 5), one can say that it is Middle-Irish, probably of the fourteenth century.” (McNamara)

prose (primary)



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[ed.] Best, R. I., “An Irish version of the Somniale Danielis”, in: John Ryan (ed.), Féil-sgríbhinn Eóin Mhic Néill: Essays and studies presented to professor Eoin MacNeill on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, May 15th 1938, Dublin: Three Candles, 1940. 3–17.
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Secondary sources (select)

McNamara, Martin, The apocrypha in the Irish Church, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1975.
32 [id. 18.]
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