Irish tract on the liturgical colours

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Short medieval Irish tract on the colours of the Mass vestments, their meanings and their origins, covering the colours yellow (buide), blue (gorm), white (gel), green (uaine), brown (dond), red (derg), black (dub) and purple (corcair).

p. 108a.inf–b.inf
beg. ‘Cachtt [sic]. Cia lasa tucait na datha examla ucut isin cochull / n-offrind hi tús?’
f. 41rb
beg. ‘Ceist. Cia lasa a tugadh na h-ilidatha examla ut docithear isin cochall aifrinn ?’
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Internet Archive: <link>, <link>
clxxxvii–cxci Edited from Leabhar Breac.
[tr.] Moran, Patrick F., and Eugene OʼCurry [translations], “The teaching of the ancient church of Ireland regarding the blessed Eucharist”, in: Patrick F. Moran, Essays on the origin, doctrines, and discipline of the early Irish church, Dublin: James Duffy, 1864. 161–221.
Internet Archive: <link>

English translation by O'Curry, “from the Curry MSS. in Catholic University.” Omits the final paragraph.

Secondary sources (select)

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