Irish glosses to the Lorica of Laidcenn

  • Late Old Irish, Middle Irish
  • prose

Interlinear and marginal Middle Irish glosses to the copy of the Lorica of Laidcenn in Leabhar Breac (RIA MS 23 P 16).

  • Late Old Irish Middle Irish
  • Stokes (p. 135): “With regard to the Irish glosses which are found between the lines or in the margin of the Leabhar Breacc copy of our hymn [...] I am of the opinion that they are middle-Irish, some of them early middle-Irish, but I can see no evidence that any of them were produced before the eleventh century.” Stokes proceeds to give a number of illustrations.

    Michael Herren, referring to communication with Gearóid Mac Eoin, characterises the glosses as “late Old Irish with early Middle Irish traces of the period ca. 1000 A.D.”

prose (primary)
Textual relationships
(Possible) sources: Lorica of LaidcennLorica of Laidcenn

Latin metrical hymn or lorica (breast-plate) attributed to Laidcenn mac Baíth Bannaig.



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Vol. 2, 76–89 Not a new edition but a reproduction of the glosses from Stokes' edition.
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