In scél iar n-urd

  • prose
  • Táin bó Cúailnge
Episode in the Táin bó Cúailnge
Initial words (prose)
  • In scél iar n-urd inso sís / Ó dodeochatár a cétna n-ude a Crúachnaib co m-bátár hi Cúil Sibrinne
  • Sligi na Tána in so ⁊ tossach in tslúagid anmand na sliged dochúatar cethri ollchóiced Hérend i crích Ulad
Recension I and II (LL) respectively (O'Rahilly)
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prose (primary)
verse (secondary)
Contains poems
Atmaid nád chúalaid co s-se’ • ‘A Ferguis, is andam amne’ • ‘A Medb, cid not medraisiu’ • ‘Id inso, ced sloindnes dún?’ • ‘Crephnas churad caur rod lá’ » (Recension I)
Textual relationships
In recensions I and II, this episode occurs between the introduction to the Táin and Inna formolta [Con Culainn].


Táin bó Cúailnge

Routes to Ulster

» prose beg. ‘Sligi na Tána in so ⁊ tossach in tslúagid anmand na sliged dochúatar cethri ollchóiced Hérend i crích Ulad’
A toponymic enumeration in Recension II only. The hosting begins and the various routes to Ulster from the four provinces are listed.

Cúil Silinne

Medb and Ailill set up camp in Cúil Silinne. The company and seating arrangement in Ailill's tent are described.

Discussion concerning the Gailióin

Dubthach's poem and the Nemain

Includes verse: Atmaid nád chúalaid co s-se
Recension I only. Prose introduction, poem and prose epilogue. The poem is attributed to Dubthach, who is said, "according to one version", to have recited it at this moment in the story.

Fergus leads the army (astray)


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See Táin bó Cúailnge for a fuller list
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Lines 135–372 Recension I.
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Lines 297–716 Recension II in LL.
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