Hisperica famina

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Latin poem. Cases have been made for Irish authorship, but more recent commentators have also pointed out the Breton provenance of the surviving manuscripts.


Four recensions:

A =
ff. 1–12
The sole surviving version that is complete (612 lines).
B (fragmentary)
C =
Lost apart from the items preserved in the glossary below.
One leaf. A glossary of 223 rare and difficult words (‘Echternach glosses’) from what appears to have been version C of the text. Some items are glossed in Latin (119 entries) or in Old Breton (104 entries).
  • Latin
  • Secondary language(s): Greek language Hebrew language
  • Latin, with calques from Greek and Hebrew.

7th century

verse (primary)
Textual relationships
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Latin metrical hymn or lorica (breast-plate) attributed to Laidcenn mac Baíth Bannaig.


Hiberno-Latin textsHiberno-Latin texts


Primary sources Text editions and/or modern translations – in whole or in part – along with publications containing additions and corrections, if known. Diplomatic editions, facsimiles and digital image reproductions of the manuscripts are not always listed here but may be found in entries for the relevant manuscripts. For historical purposes, early editions, transcriptions and translations are not excluded, even if their reliability does not meet modern standards.

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Edition of the A-text (vol. 1) and related poems (vol. 2)
[ed.] Jenkinson, Francis John Henry [ed.], The Hisperica famina, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1908.
Internet Archive: <link>

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