Epscop do Gáedelaib dochoid do Róim ‘A bishop of the Gaels went to Rome’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
Epscop do Gáedelaib dochoid do Róim
‘A bishop of the Gaels went to Rome’
Not so much a title as the first part of the opening words.
According to Elizabeth Boyle, the Book of Leinster version is Middle Irish.
LL =
pp. 281b–282a
beg. ‘EPscop do Gaedelaib dochoid do Róim’
LB =
p. 260a.50 ff
rubric: ‘A marrath fil forsin ernaigthi is ed tuicter triasin scel sa’
beg. ‘Epscop uasal do Goedelu do choid do Boim’
Slightly longer, modernised version.
  • Middle Irish
  • According to Boyle (below), the Book of Leinster version “should perhaps be placed ... into the Middle Irish period: we might date it (very tentatively) to the tenth or eleventh century, though no later than that”, whereas the Leabhar Breac version represents a later reworking of the text exhibiting a degree of modernisation, with features of Early Modern Irish.
prose (primary)



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Editions of the texts in LL and LB, with English translation (of the LL text), discussion, commentary and summary of the tale.
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132–134 [id. 29. ‘La faute de l’évêque’] Edited from LB.