De virtute sancti Martain

  • Middle Irish, Early Modern Irish
  • prose
Irish homily on St Martin, bishop of Tours. The work bears testimony to knowledge of the writings of Sulpicius Severus (the Vita sancti Martini and the Dialogi) in 12th-century Ireland.
  • Middle Irish Early Modern Irish
“probably written in the thirteenth century” (Stokes); but “overall, the sum of linguistic evidence indicates that Mart belongs generally to the same era as CC [Life of Colum Cille], but probably comes before CC in order of compilation. Therefore, the date of Mart may be placed within the first half of the twelth century” (Herbert, p. 79).
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Martin of Tours
Martin of Tours
(fl. 4th century)
bishop of Tours and saint. His vita and related writings by Martin’s younger contemporary Sulpicius Severus were highly influential in early medieval Europe, furnishing models for hagiographic writing about many other saints.

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Based on a lithographic facsimile of Leabhar Breac.
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78 [id. 15. ‘Le manteau de Saint Martin’] Extract from LB, taken from Stokes above.
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