Danklied einer erlösten Seele
verse beg. Bennacht for in n-irnaigthe

  • Middle Irish
  • prose, verse
  • Early Irish poetry, Irish religious texts

Prose anecdote about a soul released from hell through the mediation of prayer by an anonymous holy man (maybe St Gregory), including by a poem (8 qq) uttered by the soul in gratitude for his release.

Danklied einer erlösten Seele
Danklied einer erlösten Seele is the German title used by Kuno Meyer in his edition.
First words (verse)
  • Bennacht for in n-irnaigthe
First words (prose)
  • I n-araile domnuch do shenóir nóemh a aénur
The prose begins as such in the Laud version.
f. 9ra.19–9rb.20
rubric: ‘Slicht Leabair Rathain annso’
beg. ‘I naraile Domnuch do shenóir noemh’
  • Middle Irish
  • ?
prose, verse (primary)
Number of stanzas: 8
Textual relationships
Another version of the prose story, without the poem, is found in an Irish tract about St Gregory (Betha Grighora), which may have been the source for this anecdote. Where in this tract, it is Gregory who encounters the blackened soul and prays for him, the present text refers only to an anonymous holy old man. It may be worth noting that the Laud MS, on f. 14v, includes an anecdote about a saint specifically identified as St Gregory.
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Sunday relief from torments of hellSunday relief from torments of hell


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