Cath Maighe Léna ‘The battle of Mag Léna’

  • Early Modern Irish
  • Cycles of the Kings
Long recension (Cath Maighe Léna):
pp. 13–92
part 1
pp. 109–202
Lacks ending.
London, British Library, MS Additional 18746
Short recension, called Ionnsaighe Maighe Léana; abbreviated from the long recension (Jackson):
London, British Library, MS Additional 18746
ff. 13ff.
London, British Library, MS Egerton 114
pp. 36 ff
Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 O 37
pp. 97ff
Third, mixed recension:
  • Early Modern Irish
  • Early Modern Irish (long recension)

Textual relationships
Related: Do bunad imthechta ÉoganachtaDo bunad imthechta ÉoganachtaOrigin legend of the Éoganachta and the Dál Cuinn.Tochmarc MoméraTochmarc MoméraStory in which Éogan Mór is invited to Spain and marries the daughter of the King of Spain. Afterwards he returns to contend for the kingship in Ireland and his first son, Ailill Aulom, is born to him.


Cycles of the Kings
Cycles of the Kings
id. 80


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[ed.] Jackson, Kenneth Hurlstone [ed.], Cath Maighe Léna, Mediaeval and Modern Irish Series, 9, Dublin: Stationery Office, 1938.
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Based chiefly on the long recension in Franciscan A 6.
[ed.] [tr.] OʼCurry, Eugene [ed. and tr.], Cath Mhuighe Léana or The Battle of Magh Leana, together with Tochmarc Moméra or the Courtship of Moméra, Publications of the Celtic Society, 4, Dublin: Celtic Society, 1855.
Internet Archive: <link> Digitale-sammlungen.de: <link> Digitale-sammlungen.de: View in Mirador
Based chiefly on the long recension in RIA 23 L 26.
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