verse beg. Carais Páttraicc phuirt Macha

  • Middle Irish
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Middle Irish poem on the virtues of the saints of Ireland, attributed to Cuimíne of Condere (Connor, Co. Antrim).
First words (verse)
  • Carais Páttraicc phuirt Macha
Independent version
f. 238a ff
A copy which covers the first three and last quatrains of the version above
f. 150
Imperfect and incomplete
A manuscript in RIA (yet to be confirmed), p 346: 25 qq only, beg. with quatrain 12 onwards
As quotations:
(a) verses about the individual saints are cited in the Martyrology of Donegal under their respective feast-day.
(b) verse relating to St Brénainn of Clonfert cited in the Irish Life of the saint.
  • Middle Irish
Stokes places the poem in the 11th or 12th century.
verse (primary)
Textual relationships
Parts of the poem are cited in the Martyrology of Donegal and the Irish Life of Brénainn of Clonfert.
Related: Martyrology of DonegalMartyrology of DonegalExtensive martyrology (calendar of saints) prepared by Mícheál Ó Cléirigh in the early part of the 17th century (c.1630).


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry



Primary sources

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Edition, together with translation and notes by Eugene O'Curry (superseded), based it would seem on the copy in TCD 1284
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