Avranches, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 108 Defensor, Liber scintillarum. Commentary on the Pauline Epistles

  • Latin
  • s. ix2
  • Continental manuscripts
  • vellum
A manuscript, now badly damaged, of Defensor’s Liber scintillarum and a commentary on the letters of St Paul.
Provenance and related aspects
s. ix2
Second half of the 9th century (Bischoff).
Origin, provenance
Origin: France, north-centralFrance, north-central
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Middle or northern France.

Provenance: France, northFrance, north
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Mont-Saint-Michel abbey
Mont-Saint-Michel abbey
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The manuscript was at Mont Saint-Michel by the 12th century at the latest (see f. 105r) (Bischoff).

Hands, scribes
A different hand, perhaps of the 10th century, writes on the last page of the manuscript (fol. 126v): Gotlenus monachus [scripsit?] (Bischoff). Earlier readings for this name in the Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France include Goilenus and an expanded form, Gosselenus.
Codicological information
24.5 cm × 20.5 cm
Palaeographical information
Bischoff notes, without further explanation, that the drawing of a saint at the bottom of f. 13v is “in keltischem Stil”.
126 leaves
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[dig. img.] Bibliothèque virtuelle du Mont Saint-Michel, Online: Université Caen Normandie, ...–present. URL: <>.
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Secondary sources (select)

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