Amra Senáin

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Eulogy on Senán mac Geirrcinn, saint of Inis Cathaig (Scattery Island, Co. Clare), with gloss.
Ascribed to: Dallán ForgaillDallán Forgaill
(fl. 597)
early Irish poet, known as the author of Amra Choluim Chille
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Irish religious textsIrish religious texts


Senán of Inis CathaigSenán of Inis Cathaig
Senán of Scattery Island
Senán mac Geirrcinn, patron saint of Inis Cathaig (Scattery Island, Co. Clare)
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Edition from the Brussels manuscript
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Internet Archive: <link>
Edition (without English translation) based on a photograph of the copy in TCD 1336; with introduction, notes, and text and translation of the accompanying preface and epilogue.
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