verse beg. A ben bennacht fort – ná ráid

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First words (verse)
  • A ben bennacht fort – ná ráid
“Oh woman, a blessing on you - say it not!”
Ascribed to: Daniél úa LíathaitiDaniél úa Líathaiti
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Ascribed to Daniél úa Líathaiti (d. 863), said in the prose introduction to be abbot of Lismore and confessor to the woman whom he addresses in the poem. Although many Middle Irish forms are found in the transmitted text of the poem, Murphy’s analysis of the language leads him to believe that an Old Irish original lay behind it and that “the poem was really composed by the Daniél to whom it is attributed, who died as abbot of Lismore and Cork A.D. 863.”
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  • Old Irish (poem) and Middle Irish (introduction and conclusion)
verse (primary)
prose (secondary)
  • rannaigecht dialtach (al. rannaigecht mór) (7¹+7¹+7¹+7¹)


Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry

Early Irish poetryEarly Irish poetry


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