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Short poem (3qq) on the four sons of Art Mes Telmann.

Manuscript witnesses

Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B 502/2 (ff. 19-89) 
context: Laídshenchas Laigen   incipit: Cethri m. Airtt Mis Telmann   incl. Cethri meic Airtt Mis-Telmann   [Poem 2] Short poem (3qq) on the sons of Art Mes Telmann.
in section: f. 47v(82)b.28–f. 47v(82)b


Secondary sources (select)

McCone, Kim, “Aided Cheltchair maic Uthechair: hounds, heroes and hospitallers in early Irish myth and story”, Ériu 35 (1984): 1–30.