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Not yet published.

Irish romantic tales. See also TCD 1362a.

  • 1691/92

Manuscript volume compiled in 1978 from parts that were found previously in TCD MSS 1337 (H 3. 18, pp. 686-693), 1362 (H 4. 21) and 1298 (H 2. 7).

A single paper leaf, previously found in TCD 1337, containing verse by Eoin Ó Gnímh, beg. Fogus fortuin do óige. It has been folded twice, broken in one fold and numbers eight pages.

  • s. xvii/xviii?

Composite Irish manuscript consisting of 16 different sections of various hands, which have been bound into five volumes.

  • various
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363

Medieval Irish prose tales and legal tracts

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363
  • s. xv
  • Roigne mac Fhingín, Áed Corc
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363

Irish manuscript fragment (3 folia). Two leaves (pp. 80-81 and pp. 84-85) “are conjugates and appear to have served as part of a cover” (Abbott).

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363

Two folios

Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363

Irish leaves, now part of a composite manuscript, including a text of Auraicept na n-éces.

  • s. xv
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1363

Paper MS (32 pp)

  • c. 1700
  • John Beaton [of Kilninian]
Not yet published.

Irish prayers, meditations and offices, in two parts.

  • 1717
Not yet published.

Irish paper manuscript written in 1757 by Tadhg Mac Conmara, containing Irish poms, tales, genealogies and grammatical texts.

  • 1757

A notebook in the hand of Edward Lhuyd, with many notes relevant to Welsh and Irish.

  • c.1700
  • Edward Lhuyd
Not yet published.

A notebook in the hand of two Welsh scholars, Edward Lhuyd and his assistant David Parry, who used it while touring the Scottish Highlands. It contains word-lists and notes on books and persons, incl. manuscript owners, in Scotland.

  • c.1706
  • David Parry [d. 1714], Edward Lhuyd
Not yet published.

Irish grammar and prosody, transcribed in 1704 by John O'Sullivan, ostensibly from TCD MS 1431.

  • 1704
Not yet published.

Irish grammar, religious poems, etc., written by one James Silk when he was 17 years old.

  • 1730
Not yet published.

17th-century Irish manuscript, which is now in a fragmentary and disordered state, containing genealogies and histories.

  • s. xvii
  • Eoghan Carrach Mac Conmhail
Not yet published.

A collection of Irish (and some English) poetry, dated to February 1703 and written by one James O’Fergusa.

  • 1703
Not yet published.

Collection of Irish poetry, etc., written by one Cormac McPharlane (Mac Pharthaláin). Cf. NLI MS G 14 and the owner of this name in Egerton 136.

  • 1696–98
  • Cormac Mac Phartholáin

A collection of Irish prose tales and verse.

  • 1699 x 1702
Not yet published.

Genealogical tables in the hand of Aodh Ó Dálaigh.

  • s. xviii
  • Aodh Ó Dálaigh