Results for M (3884)
  • Nivelles, Bibliothèque d'Alphonse Wins, MS 4
  • Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 149
  • Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 169 (146)
  • Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 182
  • Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 184
  • Orléans, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 331
  • Oslo and London, Schøyen Collection, MS 110
Not yet published.

Composite manuscript consisting of two originally independent, early 16th-century manuscripts of Scottish history, which were bound together for one Robert Robertoun, treasurer of Edinburgh.

  • s. xviin
  • Oslo and London, Schøyen Collection, MS 684
  • Oslo and London, Schøyen Collection, MS 685
  • Oslo and London, Schøyen Collection, MS 686

13th-century English manuscript containing Latin Lives of St Martin (by Sulpicius Severus), St Nicholas of Myra (by John the Deacon), St Edmund of Canterbury and St Margaret, De inventione sanctae Crucis, and Lives St Agatha, St Brendan (Navigatio) and St Brigit (by Lawrence of Durham).

  • s. xiii2
  • Oxford, Balliol College, MS 229
  • Oxford, Balliol College, MS 260
  • Oxford, Balliol College, MS 353
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS 9
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS 163
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS 311
Not yet published.

Commentaries on the biblical prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Zachariah and Malachi, followed by Galfridus' life of St Bernard of Clairvaux and a version of the Navigatio sancti Brendani related to the Old French poem on the same subject.

  • s. xiiex / s. xiiiin
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS 28556