Princeton, University Library, MS Garrett 70
  • c. 1082
Lash, Elliott, “Princeton MS. Garrett 70 (1081–82) and other Regensburg manuscripts as witnesses to an Irish intercessory formula and the linguistic features of late-eleventh-century Middle Irish”, Peritia 31 (2020): 165–192.  
The Irish/Latin bilingual notes in Princeton MS. Garrett 70 are edited with a discussion of the linguistic details found therein. The eDIL entry for impide ‘intercession’ is updated. Additionally, a linguistic profile of the late eleventh century is created based on the Regensburg manuscripts and other contemporary autographed manuscripts.
Meyer, Kuno, “Neu aufgefundene altirische Glossen”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 8 (1912): 173–177.
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A copy of Gregory's Dialogues and the Visio Karoli.

  • c. 1082
  • Iohannes [Irish scribe]