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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy

MacAdam and Reeves collection

Manuscripts which were formerly in the possession of Bishop William Reeves. After his death in 1892, his library collection went on auction. Through the efforts of men such as Maxwell Close, the Royal Irish Academy obtained over 30 Irish manuscripts (MSS 24 P 1-33), which constitute the greater part of those that had been in his possession. In November 1889 Reeves had purchased them from Robert MacAdam of Belfast. In addition, there are also some manuscripts written by Reeves (MSS 24 P 34-40).
Roibeard Mac ÁdhaimhMac Ádhaimh (Roibeard)
MacAdam (Robert), MacAdam (Robert Shipboy)
Robert Shipboy MacAdam, Irish Presbyterian scholar and antiquarian from Belfast; co-founded Ulster Gaelic Society and the Belfast Museum; editor of the Ulster Journal Archaeology.
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William ReevesReeves (William)
Irish antiquarian scholar; bishop of the Anglican see of Down, Connor and Dromore; keeper of the Armagh Public Library
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