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Logainm: Bunachar Logainmneacha na hÉireann / Placenames database of Ireland, Online: Fiontar (DCU), The Placenames Branch (Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht), 2008–present. URL: <http://www.logainm.ie>.
[id. 1410597. ‘Snámh Dá Éan’] direct link
Gwynn, E. J., The metrical dindsenchas, 5 vols, vol. 4, Todd Lecture Series, 11, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis, 1924.
CELT – edition: <link> CELT – translation: <link> Internet Archive – vol. 4: <link>  : View in Mirador
471 “The indications of place in the paragraph just quoted agree with a note in Buile Suibne (ed. O'Keeffe, Ir. T. Soc. xii. 32): ‘Snam Da En on the Shannon, which is now called Cluain Boirenn’. O’Donovan, who refers to this passage (Hy Many 5, FM i. 209) says that Clonburren is in the parish of Moore in the barony of Moycarn (Mag in Chairn) in the southern extremity of Roscommon. It is marked in his map of Hy Many a little south of Clonmacnoise, across the river.”
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