Walter J.
b. 1863–d. 1943

7 publications between 1906 and 1912 indexed
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Contributions to journals

Gwynn, E. J., and Walter J. Purton, “The monastery of Tallaght”, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 29 C (1911–1912): 115–179.
Internet Archive: <link> TLH – edition: <link> TLH – translation: <link>
Purton, Walter J., “A note on the word iruath”, Revue Celtique 30 (1909): 186–187.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Gallica: <link>
Purton, Walter J., “The parting of Comhdhan and Conall”, Revue Celtique 29 (1908): 219–221.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link>
Purton, Walter J., and Whitley Stokes, “Note critique; réponse”, Revue Celtique 28 (1907): 68–69.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Gallica: <link>
Travers, Albert, H. d'Arbois de Jubainville, and Walter J. Purton, “Correspondance”, Revue Celtique 28 (1907): 428–430.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link> Gallica: <link>
Purton, Walter J., “A note on a passage in the Irish version of the Grail legend”, Revue Celtique 27 (1906): 81–84.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link>

Contributions to edited collections or authored works

Purton, Walter J., “The dove of Mothar-I-Roy”, in: Osborn Bergin, and Carl Marstrander (eds), Miscellany presented to Kuno Meyer, Halle: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1912. 49–52.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link>