The monastery of Tallaght

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Text on the precepts and religious habits of Máel Ruain, first abbot of Tallaght, and his pupil Máel Díthruib, of Terryglass.(1)n. 1 Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
Anonymous, a contemporary of Máel Díthruib.(2)n. 2 Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
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  • Old Irish (first version);Early Modern Irish and Latin (second version).(6)n. 6 Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
815 x 840.(3)n. 3 Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
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Cf. Óentu Mail Ruain.

Related: Óentu Mail RuainÓentu Mail Ruainlisting 12 persons associated with Máel Ruain, founder of Tallaght.


Texts associated with the Céli DéTexts associated with the Céli Dé


Máel RuainMáel Ruain
(d. 792)
Founding bishop-abbot of the monastery of Tallaght (Ir. Tamlacht, Co. Dublin) and a pioneer and leader of a kind of monastic reform that inspired the emergence of the Céli Dé.
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Máel DíthruibMáel Díthruib
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Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.
Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 104–105.
Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 106–109.
Westley Follett, Céli Dé in Ireland (2006): 101–102.

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471–472 (§ 264) [id. 264. ‘Notes on the customs of Tallaght’]
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