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Bale, John, Scriptorum illustrium maioris Brytanniae ... catalogus, 2 vols, Basel, 1557–1559.
Bale, John, Illustrium maioris Britanniae scriptorum: hoc est, Angliae, Cambriae, ac Scotiae summarium, Ipswich, Wesel, 1548–1549.

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Warner, J. Christopher, John Bale's catalogue of Tudor authors: an annotated translation of records from the Scriptorum illustrium maioris Brytanniae ... catalogus (1557–1559), Tempe, Arizona: ACMRS, 2010. xl + 427 pp..
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OʼSullivan, William, “The Irish ‘remnaunt’ of John Bale’s manuscripts”, in: Richard Beadle, and Alan J. Piper (eds), New science out of old books: studies in manuscripts and early printed books in honour of A. I. Doyle, Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1995. 374–387..
McCusker, Honor, “Books and manuscripts formerly in the possession of John Bale”, The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, 4th series, 16:2 (1935): 144–165..