FitzGerald (James fitz Thomas) (16th earl of Desmond)

  • d. 1607
  • (agents)
James fitz Thomas FitzGerald, called the súgán (straw-rope) earl of Desmond and styled the 16th (or 15th) earl, was son of Sir Thomas fitz James FitzGerald, who despite being bastardised aspired to the title of earl of Desmond in opposition to his half-brother Gerald and fought for the English Crown. After Gerald’s death, the Crown dissolved the earldom in favour of a Munster plantation, but faced an uprising led in part by Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone. Where James had previously turned to the Crown in the hope of becoming earl of Desmond, he accepted that title from the rebels. In the ensuing years, however, he experienced great difficulty in making his authority felt. In 1601, he was captured and sent to the Tower of London, where he died in c.1607.

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Ev:offices/earl of Desmond#_d95ba57dcae61b7643273a1af946ce24Id:earldom of DesmondEv:offices/earl of DesmondId:FitzGerald (James fitz Thomas) ... 16th earl of Desmond1583–1601 (dep.)15831601Known as the Súgán Earl, he was deposed and died in the Tower of London in 1607.17
See also: FitzGerald dynasty of Desmond
FitzGerald dynasty of Desmond
Leading family in Ireland, originally Anglo-Norman or Cambro-Norman, that produced the earls of Desmond.

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