Ó Domhnaill (Maghnus)

  • d. 1563
  • Irish poets, authors
  • (agents)
anglicised Manus O’Donnell; chief of the Ó Domhnaill family (O’Donnells); lord of Donegal (since 1537); married to Eleanor Fitzgerald; poet and author; compiled Beatha Cholaim Chille.

See also: Ó Domhnaill (Aodh Dubh mac Aodha Ruaidh)
Ó Domhnaill (Aodh Dubh mac Aodha Ruaidh)
(d. 1537)
Aodh Dubh (mac Aodha Ruaidh) Ó Domhnaill, prince of Tír Conaill.

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Breathnach, Diarmuid, and Máire Ní Mhurchú, Ainm.ie, Online: Fiontar, DCU, 2011–present. URL: <http://ainm.ie>. 
comments: The contents of the site are based on the series Beathaisnéis (a haon, a do, etc.) by Diarmuid Breathnach and Máire Ní Mhurchú.
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