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The contents of the site are based on the series Beathaisnéis (a haon, a do, etc.) by Diarmuid Breathnach and Máire Ní Mhurchú.
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Breathnach, Diarmuid, and Máire Ní Mhurchú, Beathaisnéis a seacht, 1560-1781, Dublin: An Clóchomhar, 2001.
Breathnach, Diarmuid, and Máire Ní Mhurchú, Beathaisnéis a sé, 1782-1881, Dublin: An Clóchomhar, 2008.
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16th century 17th century 18th century 19th century 20th century 21st century Ireland
History, society and culture
Colm BeckettBeckett (Colm)
No short description available
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Froinsias BhailísBhailís (Froinsias)
Bhailís (Proinsias);Walsh (Francis)
OFM, Irish lexicographer and scholar
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Robert BoyleBoyle (Robert)
Anglo-Irish scientist, natural philosopher, a son of Richard, first earl of Cork (d. 1643); a devout Anglican who financed the printing of the Irish Bible.
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Risteard Breasalach BreatnachBreatnach (Risteard Breasalach)
(d. 1992)
No short description available
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Charlotte BrookeBrooke (Charlotte)
No short description available
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Arthur BrownlowBrownlow (Arthur)
Anglo-Irish landowner at Lurgan (Co. Armagh) whose collection of Irish manuscripts attracted the attention of Edward Lhuyd in 1699.
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John Carpenter [archbishop of Dublin]Carpenter (John) ... archbishop of Dublin
Mac an tSaoir (Seán)
archbishop of Dublin (1770-1786); scholar, scribe and collector of manuscripts.
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Owen ConnellanConnellan (Owen)
Ó Coindealbháin (Eoghan)
No short description available
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Thaddeus ConnellanConnellan (Thaddeus)
Ó Coinnialláin (Tadhg)
Irish-language scholar and scribe.
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Richard CreaghCreagh (Richard)
Crevagh (Richard)
(Catholic) archbishop of Armagh; was born in Limerick as the son of a merchant.
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Matthew de RenzyDe Renzy (Matthew)
de Renzi (Mathew)
No short description available
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Margaret E. DobbsDobbs (Margaret E.)
Ní Dobs (Maighréad);Ní Choinmidhe Dobbs (Maighréad)
No short description available
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Luke DonnellanDonnellan (Luke)
Ó Domhnalláin (Lúcas)
Catholic priest who successively ministered in Eglish, Dromintee, Creggan and Loughgall, and a collector of Irish tunes and songs, who recorded some of them on Ediphone wax cylinders during his time in Dromintee and Creggan.
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John FergusFergus (John)
Ó Fearghusa (Seán)
Irish physician, scholar and manuscript collector in Dublin, who probably was from Connacht originally. One of the Irish manuscripts he had in his possession, the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum, is named after him and appears to have been a family heirloom.
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Deirdre FlanaganFlanagan (Deirdre)
Uí Fhlannagáin (Deidre)
Irish scholar and place-name expert.
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Pádraigín HaicéadHaicéad (Pádraigín)
Hackett (Patrick)
Irish Dominican priest, prior of Cashel, and poet.
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Richard HenebryHenebry (Richard)
(d. 17 March 1916)
de Hindeberg (Risteard)
Irish priest, scholar and language activist; first professor of Irish in University College Cork.
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Edmund HoganHogan (Edmund)
No short description available
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Eleanor HullHull (Eleanor)
(d. 1935)
No short description available
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Vernam HullHull (Vernam)
American Celticist (born in Yokahama, Japan)
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Denis H. KellyKelly (Denis H.)
Ó Ceallaigh (Donnchadh Anraí)
Irish landowner, collector and scholar.
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Thomas LelandLeland (Thomas)
Irish historian
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Patrick Lynch [d. 1818]Lynch (Patrick) ... d. 1818
Ó Loingsigh (Pádraig) ... d. 1818
Irish schoolmaster, private tutor, author and editor.
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Patrick Lynch [d. 1838]Lynch (Patrick) ... d. 1838
Ó Loingsigh (Pádraig) ... d. 1838
Irish scholar born in Co. Down as the son of a schoolteacher (Terence Lynch); taught Irish at Belfast Academy and published in the Irish-language magazine Bolg an tSoláir. Some of his contributions to scholarship on the Irish language went uncredited.
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Charles LynegarLynegar (Charles)
(fl. 1708–1731)
Lynegar (Charles);Ó Luinín (Cormac);Ó Luinín (Cathal)
Cormac Ó Luinín, Irish scholar
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Roibeard Mac ÁdhaimhMac Ádhaimh (Roibeard)
MacAdam (Robert);MacAdam (Robert Shipboy)
Robert Shipboy MacAdam, Irish Presbyterian scholar and antiquarian from Belfast; co-founded Ulster Gaelic Society and the Belfast Museum; editor of the Ulster Journal Archaeology.
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Eoghan Ruadh Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Eoghan Ruadh)
(b. c.1570, d. 1620s/after 1625)
Mac an Bhaird (Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig)
Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig Mac an Bhaird. Irish poet, member of a family who were hereditary poets to the Ó Domhnaill dynasty and himself poet to Aodh Ruadh Ó Dhomhnaill and others after the Flight of the Earls.
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Fearghal Óg Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Fearghal Óg)
Mac an Bhaird, Fearghal Óg (mac Fearghail mheic Dhomhnaill Ruaidh), Irish bardic poet
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Parthalán Mac AogáinMac Aogáin (Parthalán)
Egan (Bartholomew);Mac Aodhagáin (Parthalán)
Franciscan scholar.
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Art Mac BionaidMac Bionaid (Art)
Bennett (Arthur)
Irish scholar, scribe and poet.
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Liam Mac CoisdealaMac Coisdeala (Liam)
Irish folklore collector.
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Séamus Óg Mac CoitirMac Coitir (Séamus Óg)
Cotter (James) ... the Younger
Jacobite leader, eldest son of Sir Séamus Mac Coitir (James Cotter) and his second wife Ellen Plunkett. Párliament na mBan was written for him when he was still young. He was convicted of rape and in 1720, executed by hanging, an act which popular opinion held to be politically motivated and which gave rise to a number of Irish elegies.
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Aindrias Mac CruitínMac Cruitín (Aindrias)
Irish poet
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Aodh Buí Mac CruitínMac Cruitín (Aodh Buí)
MacCurtin (Hugh)
(in English: Hugh MacCurtin) Irish poet and teacher
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Piaras Mac GearailtMac Gearailt (Piaras)
Poet from Co. Cork
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Brian mac Con Chonnacht Mág UidhirMág Uidhir (Brian mac Con Chonnacht)
No short description available
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Brian mac Conchubhair Mág UidhirMág Uidhir (Brian mac Conchubhair)
(fl. 1660–1726)
No short description available
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Brian Rua Mág UidhirMág Uidhir (Brian Rua)
No short description available
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Cú Chonnacht Mág UidhirMág Uidhir (Cú Chonnacht)
lord of Fermanagh (1566-1589); dedicatee of a poem-boek (Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, MS NKS 268b).
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Conall MageogheganMageoghegan (Conall)
(fl. 1596–1644)
Mac Eochagáin (Conall)
Conall Mageoghegan (Mac Eochagáin), Irish scholar and historian known for producing the Annals of Clonmacnoise, an English translation of Irish annals.
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Kathleen MulchroneMulchrone (Kathleen)
Ní Mhaol-Chróin (Caitilín)
Irish scholar, also known by her Irish name, Caitilín Ní Mhaol-Chróin.
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John Murphy [bishop of Cork]Murphy (John) ... bishop of Cork
Bishop of Cork (1815–1847).
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Eibhlín Dubh Ní ChonaillNí Chonaill (Eibhlín Dubh)
(fl. c.1743–c.1800)
Irish poet of the Uí Chonaill of Derrynane, wife of Art Ó Laoghaire, a military captain who was killed after quarrelling with the high sheriff of Cork and for whom she composed the long elegiac poem Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire.
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Máiréad Ní GhrádhaNí Ghrádha (Máiréad)
Irish author, playwright and broadcaster.
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Conchobhar Ó BeaglaoichÓ Beaglaoich (Conchobhar)
(fl. 1732)
Ó Beaglaoich (Conchubhar);Begley (Conor)
Irish priest and teacher based in Paris, editor of an Irish-English dictionary printed in the same city.
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Conchubhar Ó Briain [priest and poet]Ó Briain (Conchubhar) ... priest and poet
Carn Tighearnaigh
al. Carn Tighearnaigh, Irish priest and poet.
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Máirtín Ó BriainÓ Briain (Máirtín)
No short description available
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Pól Ó BriainÓ Briain (Pól)
O'Brien (Paul) ... Irish priest
Irish priest and Irish-language scholar.
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Dáibhí Ó BruadairÓ Bruadair (Dáibhí)
(fl. 1625–c.1698(?))
Ó Bruadair (Dáibhídh);Ó Bruadair (David)
Prolific Irish poet.
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Séamus Ó CasaideÓ Casaide (Séamus)
(d. 1913)
Irish scholar, bibliographer and a supporter of the Irish cultural revival.
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