Zhao, Xiezhen, “Dreams in medieval Welsh literature”, PhD thesis, Cardiff University, 2021.

  • PhD thesis
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Dreams in medieval Welsh literature
Cardiff University
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This study examines dreams found in medieval Welsh literature from c. 1100 to c. 1550. The scope of the research covers secular and religious prose and poetry of the period. The purpose of this study is to provide an insight into dream literature in medieval Welsh by analysing the various functions of dreams in different types of texts in relation to the narratives and genres. Chapter 1 lays out the conceptual and methodological framework necessary for analyses in the subsequent chapters, and maps out the European context of medieval Welsh dream literature. Chapters 2 examines dreams in medieval Welsh prose, including the two ‘breuddwyd’ texts of the Mabinogion and three texts belonging to the genre of areithiau pros. Chapter 3 examines dreams in medieval Welsh secular poetry. Chapter 4 examines dreams in medieval Welsh religious writings, including hagiographies and anti-hagiographies, apocalyptic and mystic visions. Finally, a conclusion summarises the roles that dreams play in different textual contexts within the field of medieval Welsh literature, and in which I argue that ‘breuddwyd’ does not constitue a specific genre; instead, working within the various contexts and genres in which Welsh texts containing dreams are situated, the dreams play an essential and dynamic part in the formation of the plot, world-building, liminality, as well as have the capacity for revealing many interesting features of the text.

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History, society and culture
Dafydd ap GwilymDafydd ap Gwilym
(fl. c.1330–1350)
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Gruffudd ap Tudur GochGruffudd ap Tudur Goch
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Gwalchmai ap MeilyrGwalchmai ap Meilyr
(fl. c.1130–1180)
Welsh poet from Anglesey, one of the early Gogynfeirdd.
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Iolo GochIolo Goch
Welsh poet
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