Vita sancti Ethbini/Egbini ‘The life of saint Ethbin/Egbin’

John of Tynemouth
  • Latin
  • prose

A short redaction of the vita of St Ethbin, here called Egbinus, from the hagiographic collection of John of Tynemouth.

First words (prose)
  • Egbinus in Britanniae partibus natus
John of Tynemouth
John of Tynemouth
(fl. 14th century)
English historian and hagiographer, known for having produced a chronicle, the Historia aurea, and a collection of saints’ lives, the Sanctilogium Anglia, Wallia, Scotiae et Hiberniae, which would form the basis of the Nova legenda Angliae.

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T =
At the end there is an additional episode (from the life of St Patrick?), beg. Venerunt quidam fratres ad quendam senem.
  • Latin
Origin: EnglandEngland
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prose (primary)
Textual relationships
(Possible) sources: Vita sancti EthbiniVita sancti Ethbini

Short, anonymous vita of St Ethbin, al. Idiunet/Idunet (in the Quimper MS), a fellow monk of Winwaloe. BHL 2621.



origins of Brittany (narrative world), c. 4th-6th centuuries
origins of Brittany (narrative world), c. 4th-6th centuuries
id. 63849

The time of migration and settlememt in Brittany, c. 4th-6th century, typically associated with the founding rulers (Conan Meriadoc, Gradlon/Grallon, Guiomar/Guigemar, etc.) and early founding saints (e.g. Paul Aurelian, Samson of Dol, Tudwal/Tugdual of Tréguier, Winwaloe of Landevenneg, Brioc, Malo, Corentin of Quimper, Paternus/Padarn, Goueznou).

(time-frame ass. with origins of Brittany (narrative world))
Saint in Brittany, of obscure origins. His vita associates him with the monastery of Tauracus (possibly in Taulé, Carantec, Finistère) and with Winwaloe/Gwenolé of Landévennec. He is also said to have been educated by Samson of Dol and to have spent the final years of his life in Ireland. Montreuil-sur-Mer possessed relics of the saint and it has been suggested that his vita was composed there.

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