Tre-gort crand / tre-crand cú

  • Early Irish
  • prose

A brief, possibly early Irish text, or versions of a text, on the relative life-lengths of several creatures, trees and other phenomena. Some versions conclude with the observation that God is eternal (bithbeo Dia).

First words (prose)
  • Tre-gort crand / tre-crand cú
  • Early Irish
  • Carney suggests that it is “a very archaic piece of lore, and was doubtless committed to writing, perhaps in variant versions, in the Old Irish period”.
prose (primary)
Textual relationships
Carney and Stokes note the existence of a metrical version (10 qq) in the Book of Fermoy (RIA 23 E 29), p. 156.
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[‘3. Die Lebensalter’] Version from TCD 1337.

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