Surexit memorandum

  • Old Welsh
  • prose
Memorandum, in Old Welsh and partly in Latin, entered in the St Chad/Llandeilo Gospels, where it is found in the upper margin of a folio containing the end of St Matthew, directly below another note (beg. Ostenditur). It records a dispute between Tutbulc filius Liuit (mod. Tudfwlch ap Lywyd) and the son-in-law of a certain Tutri (Tudri) concerning land at Tir Telych.
Surexit memorandum
Often referred to as the ‘Surexit’ memorandum, after the opening word of the text.
First words (prose)
  • Surexit Tutbulc filius Liuit
  • Old Welsh
  • Secondary language(s): Latin language
  • 9th century?
prose (primary)



Tudfwlch ap LywydTudfwlch ap Lywyd
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Tir TelychTir Telych
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