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Three glossaries preserved in the Stowe manuscript RIA MS C i 2. Like the Lecan glossary, these provide single words to gloss difficult words.
In an article previous to the edition of this text, Stokes suggested that the glossary derived from an archetype of the Lecan glossary.(1)n. 1 Whitley Stokes, ‘The Lecan glossary’, Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 1 (1900). He does not elaborate on this hypothesis in his edition of the Stowe glossaries, although there he does note correspondences with the Lecan glossary and similar works.(2)n. 2 See the appended index.


Irish glossariesIrish glossaries



Whitley Stokes, ‘The Lecan glossary’, Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 1 (1900).
See the appended index.

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[ed.] Stokes, Whitley, “The Stowe glossaries”, Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 3 (1907): 268–289.
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