Ralph, Karen, “Medieval antiquarianism: the Butlers and artistic patronage in fifteenth-century Ireland”, Eolas: The Journal of the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies 7 (2014): 2–27.

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“Medieval antiquarianism: the Butlers and artistic patronage in fifteenth-century Ireland”
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This paper examines the artistic and literary commissions of the Butler family in fifteenth-century Ireland with particular reference to James Butler, fourth Earl of Ormond, the White Earl, and his nephew, Edmund MacRichard Butler, and their patronage of two illuminated manuscripts, today bound as a single volume, Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud MS Misc. 610. The ornamentation of these manuscripts is antiquated and Insular in nature and the textual contents reflective of manuscripts produced three centuries earlier. This paper places the antiquated designs alongside Butler patronage of architecture and the traditional literary arts and seeks to understand the motivations behind deliberate artistic archaism in fifteenth-century Ireland.
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Ireland 15th century
History, society and culture
Edmund MacRichard ButlerButler (Edmund MacRichard)
Buitilléar (Éamonn Mac Risteard)
Edmund MacRichard Butler, or in Irish, Éamonn Mac Risteard Buitilléar, was head of the Butlers of Polestown, eldest son of Sir Richard Butler and nephew to James Butler, fourth earl of Ormond; ‘MacRichard of Ossory’.
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James Butler [4th earl of Ormond]Butler (James) ... 4th earl of Ormond
Buitilléar (Séamus) ... 4th earl of Desmond
James Butler (in Irish, Séamus Buitilléar) was fourth earl of Ormond, known as the ‘White Earl’, elder son of James Butler, previous earl of Ormond, and Anne Welles; patron of Irish learning and literature.
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Butler familyButler family
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