Neidhi mac Onchon

  • Irish genealogical texts, Ulster Cycle
Genealogical notes concerning the Conmaicne in Connacht.
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  • Neidhi mac Onchon


Irish genealogical textsIrish genealogical texts

Ulster Cycle
Ulster Cycle
id. 1797


Néide mac OnchonNéide mac Onchon
son of Onchú (mac Finnloga meic Finnfir); hero of the Conmhaícne
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ConmaicneConmaicne, Conmhaicne
Early Irish population group, including branches such as the Conmaicne Dúine Móir (alias C. Ceniúil/Cenéoil Dubáin), Conmaicne Cúile (Tolad) and the Conmaicne Réin.
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Conmaicne, Conmhaicne
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Connacht/Cúige Chonnacht
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Neidhe, son of Onchu

Neidhe, son of Onchu, son of Finnlugh, is a descendant of Conmhac son of Fergus; he is known as the Cú Chulainn of the Conmhaicne; he led the Conmhaicne in the battle of Ard Rathain in Uí Fhiachrach Aidhne; there, the Conmhaicne killed many of the host, including Eidhinn son of Cléireach
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Eolus mac Bibecht

David and Goliath (Golías in fomoir)


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